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Jeremy Purcell is the President and Founder of FXA Adult Sports.

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How did we get here?

Posted by Jeremy on May 26, 2020 11:18:40 AM


Every day, people look around and think, “I wish someone would do ‘X’ that no one is doing right now -- I would totally support that!” In 2007, I had that very thought when I got tired of driving an hour or more from where I was living in Reston to play co-ed flag football. Why weren’t there more options for adults to be active and social through sports in Northern Virginia? I pulled some friends together to help me, and that fall we launched Fairfax Athletics’ inaugural season of flag football and softball. And, thanks to all of our amazing players who come back season after season -- even trying new sports as we offer them -- we’ve steadily grown and added new sports each year.


Looking back, I never would’ve thought that 13 years later FXA Sports would have grown into what we are today. In 2019, we offered 16 different sports for adults all throughout the DMV area! My dream for FXA Sports is to provide the community where you create and enjoy memorable experiences, both through sports and social interactions. We’ll continue to look for new and exciting ways to offer that -- we launched esports this year, and continue to look into new ways to provide an active outlet for everyone of all ability levels to enjoy being out and meeting new friends.

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